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 The Meadowlands Mess

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Art B

Art B

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The Meadowlands Mess Empty
PostSubject: The Meadowlands Mess   The Meadowlands Mess EmptyJuly 20th 2013, 10:18 pm

Really a shame that they cant get a single real driver on many Saturday nights. Very sad

And Pat Berry takes Maven against a bunch of nothings and cant get him home at 1-5. No surprise, but does any of this make sense ? They better get slots in a hurry. Most Saturday cards are filled with these clowns driving and all the Friday cards are a nightmare ( 8 trot races last night ---and bad ones)

Meadows tonight, Pocono, Mohawk all have presented far better weekend cards and it really makes the Meadowlands look bad. But this is the Gural plan as he waits for gaming. In the meantime, you can hardly call it the Mecca. Its really like a B track at this point. A few good cards the entire year. Inflated handles ( the 2 million stuff is nonsense) and poor on track attendance

So far the Gural plan is a bust. Gaming cannot come soon enough......and of course in the long haul that isn't the answer either

The game is not in good shape, and the Meds is the prime example

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The Meadowlands Mess Empty
PostSubject: Re: The Meadowlands Mess   The Meadowlands Mess EmptyJuly 21st 2013, 4:55 pm


The meds is doing what they can with what they have.

If they had the money Yonkers or Aqueduct has they'd be racing 6 nights a week with a box stuffed full.

It is the nature of the beast. You can't inflate purses with fake money and for years that is what the state of NJ did with the Atlantic City subsidy.

At this point Gural is losing money, how much exactly is unknown.

It could be a pipe dream for many to restore the Meadowlands to its heyday. I give him accolades for trying but also realize like you say, the entire game is in a sad state of affairs.

Slots is the only thing keeping multiple venues won't last another decade and then what???

Luck, bad if not good, will always be with us.
But it has a way of favoring the intelligent and showing its back to the stupid.
-John Dewey
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The Meadowlands Mess
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