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 Poker, a sport? Or a game?

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Poker, a sport?   Or a game? Empty
PostSubject: Poker, a sport? Or a game?   Poker, a sport?   Or a game? EmptyMay 22nd 2013, 6:13 pm

Luck, bad if not good, will always be with us.
But it has a way of favoring the intelligent and showing its back to the stupid.
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Art B

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Poker, a sport?   Or a game? Empty
PostSubject: Re: Poker, a sport? Or a game?   Poker, a sport?   Or a game? EmptyMay 23rd 2013, 11:31 am

Vernon Pro wrote:
Either way its success has been insane.

Follow the money.

I refuse to call Poker a sport. Probably the main reason is that it requires no athletic ability. I would have to say that a sport must include some sort of physical attributes. Poker just doesn't fit that profile. Of course both require strategy, thinking and plenty of mental capabilities but I cant watch a Poker game and think of it as a sporting event. Being effective in a particular sport requires months and years of physical preparation, and eventually combining that with the necessary strategy to be successful in that given activity. Of course there are baseball pitchers that are way out of shape, but that's kind of an exception . Some of these Poker players appear to spend far too much time on the buffet line

Yes Poker has been a phenomenon thanks to TV for quite a few years now, but I think most would dismiss it as a sporting event. Its great for TV and really captures the viewers interest, but in the end, I think its comparable to Chess or even Monopoly. It's a game. A game that makes huge money for the top players in the business, and ESPN has capitalized in a huge way over the years. The tlevision rating had skyrocketed at one point.

I do think in order to be defined as a Sport, athletic ability is the key factor. And I guess that's why Harness and T-Bred racing qualify as a sport because both the jockeys/drivers and horses are athletes that go through rigorous training in order to succeed.---Sadly like some other sports , business and politics have ruined it

Lastly, I think you need a ball or a puck to be called a sport. Ping Pong and Pool are Sports. Curling is a ball, but some kind of contraption that is close to a sport. I'm not sure what that thing is called

Poker is a game, a business and maybe even a fad that will run its course and die out. Time will tell. I guess the old guys will always have their Friday night Poker game even if the TV/ Casino end of it dies out. That's how it always was until television sent this thing through the roof. Marketing was the key. Racing could learn from those marketers. But they don't seem to have interest in going in that direction . The World Series of Poker has turned into a mini version of the Super Bowl, but regardless its still a game.

On an unrelated note, many say Golf is not a sport. I think that's a fair question. It's slow, its not overly athletic, although it takes a ton of practice. Having said that, it might be the toughest sport/game to be successful at. It seems impossible to master it. My hero Tiger Woods started playing at 3 and there are You Tube videos of him on the old Mike Douglas show actually taking some swings and hitting balls at that age of 3. I would classify Golf as a sport but I can see a case made in favor of saying that its not.

But Poker ?..........definitely not
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Poker, a sport? Or a game?
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